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Vaccinations – an attack on the immune system


There is the general opinion that vaccination is a blessing, and protects us from diseases and our health is conducive. This claim is successfully supported by the pharmaceutical industry, physicians and many other business stakeholders. On closer inspection, however, it becomes clear that the vaccine does not protect us from the disease; on the contrary, it makes us sick.

The big Diabetes Lie

Vaccination The Big Mistake

Historically, vaccination is one of the biggest fallacies of modern day medicine. Extensive literature and numerous studies from around the world provide unequivocal evidence for this claim.

Although it has been vaccinated for more than 200 years, medicine has until today failed to prove the efficacy of the vaccine. For example, many parents and mothers in United States and Canada have called on the authorities to provide them with scientific proof.

Unfortunately, nobody was sent to anyone because there is none. It sounds incredible and incomprehensible, but it’s true.

It’s your responsibility, not your doctors

Many doctors, especially paediatricians, routinely vaccinate after scheduled vaccination appointments. When you as a parent ask questions or even refuse vaccination, your responsibility is most often appealed and set out the effectiveness of vaccinations as a given fact.

Do vaccinations damage our children?

The fear is always stoked. Where do the ethical principles of the doctors include the “do not hurt”? Your child may be severely damaged by the vaccine. The risk of your child being harmed by the vaccine is many times greater than the chance of getting the disease itself, which is being vaccinated against.

From the perspective of the probability of getting sick, vaccination is meaningless. If you do not suppress the symptoms, these teething problems are completely harmless and no treatment is needed. (Except attention and love of the mother or parents).

Responsibility for the parents

The responsibility for your child can not and will not be relieved by a doctor, who is and always will be with you. That’s why you need to be well informed to make the right decision.

The pharmaceutical industry strives, like any profit-oriented company, only for economic success. With the vaccinations huge profits are achieved. We are under pressure and anxiety with arguments that have not been proven, and with appalling accounts of illnesses that are allegedly prevented by the vaccines.

Rare tick vaccination in Switzerland

Why, for example, in Switzerland, almost nobody is vaccinated against ticks? Or why do you only need to refresh the tick vaccine every 10 years in Switzerland? Or who makes the posters and pages filling “fear advertisements” for the tick vaccination?

Manipulation by fear

Not the Ministry of Health, but the pharmaceutical industry or the vaccine manufacturer intensively advertises fearfulness for vaccinations. The pharmaceutical companies submit unverifiable and sometimes country-specific vaccination plans, which are simply taken over by public authorities.

This thing called manipulation.

Trust in the nature and the defenses of your body

Every person inevitably comes in contact with many things every day. Nevertheless, we and our children do not get sick all the time. We can trust in our defenses. Moreover, the transmission path for most diseases is pure theory.

Strengthen your immune system and that of your child with a healthy diet, breastfeed for at least 6 months, and additionally as long as possible, ensure a harmonious family climate and rely on the immense defenses that are formed with it.

Unproven Vaccination Theory

Keep in mind that no one can scientifically prove the benefits of vaccination. Every vaccine is a massive invasion of the immune system.

The vaccine produces an immunological shock, especially in our babies. This leads to infection susceptibility, allergies, developmental disorders, autoimmune diseases, brain damage and much more.

It is very significant that diseases that affect our immune system continue to increase with the increase in vaccines.

Already Pasteur knew that vaccinations did not work

Much of the conventional medical opinion about microbes and vaccinations goes back to Louis Pasteur (1822-1895). However, he had adversaries during his lifetime who did not share his view.
He wanted to prove his idea with all his research (target research). 

Meanwhile, Pasteur has definitely been convicted as a science cheater. His 10,000-page “Private work”, which has been accessible since 1964, shows that even then he realized that vaccination did not work, and he deliberately lied in specialist publications.

Many doctors and scientists know about this issue and therefore warn against vaccinations.

Alarm bells that no one hears

The alarm bells should ring when we understand what treatments are being used on us and our children. Genetic engineering vaccines endanger future generations.

Recently, vaccines from genetically modified organisms have been produced and propagated. Are we not going to go into the devil’s kitchen? Microbiologist Dr.Stefan Lanka comments: “So-called genetically engineered vaccines and organisms are supposed to be produced using activated genetic material that is never found in nature.”

Genotype is damaged.

The so-called activated genetic material is transmitted via the skin – through vaccinations – or genetically manipulated food transported the body and reaches the nucleus, where it is received and stored. This results in a row to break the chromosomes.

The great tragedy lies in the fact that the activated genetic material not only reaches the body cells, but also stored in the egg and sperm Genetic vaccines lead to an irreversible contamination of one’s own genetic material, that of the germline, ie the oocytes and spermatozoa, with that of the children and all future generations arising from them.

Instruction leaflets will not be handed out

In the leaflets, which parents but almost never get to see and their contents usually only the doctor knows, are many of the currently known side effects. Aluminum compounds such as aluminum hydroxide, antibiotics, attenuated and dead pathogens, alien proteins and toxins such as formaldehyde are found in vaccines.

Forbidden in furniture, allowed for vaccination

Furniture manufacturers are forbidden to use formaldehyde because of their carcinogenic effects. But our children can inject it directly into the bloodstream. Likewise, almost all vaccines thimerosal contain. This is a mercury compound that is very difficult to remove from the body.

Hyperactivity due to vaccination

Thiomersal leads to concentration problems, learning difficulties, language problems, lack of logic, great unrest. These symptoms are by psychologists as so-called hyperactivity diagnosed(ADHD) and the conventional medicine treated with other drugs.

Aluminum hydroxide is included as an adjuvant (enhancer substance) in many vaccines. Prof. Dr. H. Spiess writes: “The mode of action of adjuvants is complex and not yet known in detail.”

Guinea pig child


Are we and our children voluntarily abused as guinea pigs? All of these concomitants are carcinogenic, allergenic, cause, inter alia, blood pressure drop, to stomach and intestinal disorders.

Dr. JF. Grätz, who deals with many vaccine damage cases in his homeopathic practice, also says that each vaccine attacks the brain more or less strongly. For example, 75% of all sudden childhood deaths occur, a few days to 7 weeks after a whooping cough.

Vaccines as an artificial poison cocktail

Vaccines by no means mimic a natural infection. Each vaccine is a “cocktail” of many different ingredients that is never found in nature. Mostly vaccines are injected into muscles. Muscles are not intended by nature to ward off invading pathogens.

Think carefully if you choose to vaccinate your child!

Make a conscious decision whether to have your child vaccinated or not. Allow yourself enough time. If you’re pressed for time, postpone the vaccination schedule to gain time for information. Ask parents of unvaccinated children. Only you as a parent can take responsibility. Inform yourself.

Harmfulness known for 40 years

Dr. med.G. Buchwald has For over 40 years now,proven beyond any doubt the idleness and harmfulness of vaccinations. Among other things, his statistics show the number of cases per year for each illness.

All disease statistics show that the peak is always at war time, as many factors such as poor nutrition, severe mental stress, contaminated water, etc. are damaging the health of the people.

As the improve general situation and factors mentioned above, so does the number of illnesses and related deaths.

And in every diagram of Dr. Buchwald (which is based on public data) shows immediately and clearly that the decline in cases continues unaffected by the onset of mass vaccinations.

India: Mass epidemic was followed by mass epidemic

The WHO World Health Organization also carried out a huge vaccine test in India from 1968 to 1971. There 364,000 people were vaccinated against TBC in a large area.

But what consternation among the experts: In the vaccinated area, where actually TBC should be eradicated, there were more illnesses and deaths than in the same size unvaccinated area. Not to mention the side effects of the vaccines.

But imagine that the STIKO at the Robert Koch Institute needed 27 years to announce the result of this test and to withdraw the TBC vaccine from the recommended vaccines. And vaccination is still going on.

What to do after a vaccination?

If you have been vaccinated or had your children vaccinated, you did so with the best of your knowledge and belief. In any case, you should deal with this topic and inform yourself, so that you can decide in the future in better knowledge.

From parents who hear for the first time that vaccinations are not effective, you often hear, “But what if my child gets the disease then?”

For one thing, you can be sure that you or your child would have had this disease even if they were vaccinated beforehand – vaccinating definitely does not protect!

For another, trust your defenses. Every illness has a purpose. Especially teething troubles are highly conducive to the development of the children, and usually completely harmless, and one can see what developmental thrust children make after such a disease.

Inquire – for the sake of your children

On the other hand, side effects and occur during vaccinations vaccine damage . Just listen to what children have problems with after vaccinations and draw their conclusions.

It is often said that the body’s reactions to vaccinations (crying cramps, fever, changes in nature …) are a sign that the immune system has responded. However, it is a reaction to the highly toxic ingredients of the vaccine.

Doctors demand cancellation of vaccination

Even in America, the AAPS, one of the leading professional organizations of GPs and surgeons, in the General Assembly of 28.10. In 2002, unanimously and unanimously, it decided to issue a resolution to repeal the vaccination requirement.

The reason given was, that we are worried about the many side effects of the vaccines, so the risk of these side effects was much greater than the disease itself, the vaccines were insufficiently tested,

and so on. Buchwald aptly: vaccination does not protect – vaccination is no help – vaccination is harmful!

Vaccinations and Autism – The Truth

© www.man-made-epidemic.com

Autism is spreading like an epidemic. What could be the cause, asked filmmaker Natalie Beer. The mother of a little boy embarks on a journey around the world. She speaks with leading physicians, scientists and affected families.

They are families with children who were happy and healthy – and suddenly became autistic after vaccination. Natalie Beer wants to find out the truth about the autism epidemic. She wants to know if vaccinations play a role – and she turns an exciting documentary: Man Made Epidemic – The secretive truth.

Vaccinations and Autism – Is There a Connection?

Officially, a possible link between vaccinations and autism vehement is denied. Anyone who dares to utter even the slightest suspicion in this regard, will be moved to the corner of the spinners, liars and trial counterfeiters muzzled as and quickly as possible – just as many years ago the gastroenterologist Dr. med. med. Andrew Wake fell .

The Wakefield study

Dr. Wakefield hadin 1998 along with 12 colleagues in the prestigious journal Lancet, published a study in which in particular the relationship between Darmstearings and examined developmental disorders in children.

Moreover, because of the close temporal proximity between the MMR vaccine (measles, mumps and rubella) and the first onset of autistic disorder, this was also mentioned in the study.

Better single than multiple vaccines       

In a press conference, Wakefield advised parents to use single vaccines as a precautionary measure to avoid multiple vaccines such as the MMR vaccine (as we have already recommended earlier).

Mind you: Wakefield did not vaccinations advise against! Now the MMR vaccination rates broke in England.

The Hunt Begins

In 2004, the accused Sunday Times Wakefield of falsifying results and accepting bribes – from parents suspected of vaccinations as the cause of their children’s autism. He had also passed the funds at the tax office – which later turned out to be untrue. A single hunt on Wakefield followed.

His colleagues and co-authors of the study officially retired from Wakefield and also from their co-authorship. Wakefield’s reputation was destroyed. Finally, he was deprived of his license to leave Great Britain and his family.

Legal steps to defend and rehabilitate him lacked financial resources. With that, the story seemed to have ended sadly.

The Whistleblower: Epidemic Agency fakes study

Then, however, in 2013 Dr. William Thompson, a senior associate of the US Disease Agency CDC, made a startling confession:

he admitted that in 2004 his agency had a study manipulated, in which he – Thompson himself – was involved. With the help of this study, the rumors about a possible connection between vaccinations and autism were finally resolved.

Crucial data were taken from the final report, data that showed a causal relationship between MMR vaccination and autism.

Instead, we read in the abstract of the study again and again, that there is no connection, that no increased autism risk can be detected after the MMR vaccine, the MMR vaccine could in no case cause autism etc.

Wakefield is fighting for his rehabilitation

for Andrew Wakefield once again had a chance to re-appear and fight for his rehabilitation. Together with his colleagues, he shot the documentary VAXXED  actions of, which is causing a sensation in the USA in particular, and informs about the cover-up the authorities in the area of ​​the aforementioned MMR-autism connection.

On the same topic there is an equally exciting documentary in German: “MAN MADE EPIDEMIC – The secretive truth” by Natalie Beer (born 1979), filmmaker and producer, but also the mother of a little boy

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