Get Rid of Pimples and remove Blackheads

A beautiful and refined skin is something that everyone desires. Pimples are therefore for most people real blemishes. In addition, the inflammatory pustules are very uncomfortable, often even painful. Here are some measures and rules of conduct, so you can even remove nasty pimples and blackheads...

Water Purification Is A Must If You Live In America

Clean fresh water is probably the most important need of our bodies. As a matter of fact, this is true of almost all life on this planet. Unfortunately, clean water from our tap is no longer an option for us here in the United States. The safety of the water in most third world countries is probably greater than in developed countries such as ours.

Learn why Dates Keep the Heart Healthy

Dates contain dietary fibers and natural sugars such as fructose, sucrose, and glucose. Fructose and similar sugars are naturally produced in the body so they are safe to health. These sugars are easily digested to produce energy for the body.

The 6 Unexceptional Beauty habits to Live By

Want smooth, clear skin? Follow these tips for a healthier beauty routine. I'm a creature of habit—I tend to use the same beauty products the same way until something goes wrong

Keep your Heart Healthy Through Healthy Heart Diet

For a healthy heart there are a number of foods you can eat that will help you control those blood cholesterol levels. Lower cholesterol counts mean that you will be less likely to suffer from a heart attack.

Living healthy and Being well is a choice and lifestyle

Every one of us can live such a life and attaining health and wellness is a process that is really not difficult. Making right life choices is just as easy as making wrong choices and certainly the consequences of wrong choices take a heavy toll.

Safe, Simple and Scientific Secrets to Successful Weight Loss

“Sustainability” is the current favorite buzz word of the environmental movement. But what if you applied the concept of sustainability to your weight-loss and health-improvement efforts? The results would be life altering, says Joe Dillon...

Laundry Detergents’ Harmful unwanted effects for Humans.

If everyone noticed precisely what ingredients comprised our laundry washing detergents, they might think before with them in their next wash...

4 Great Ways to Detox Naturally

Most of us are guilty of not being especially good to our own bodies. We are not careful about the food we eat, and tend to be lazy when it comes to physical exercise...

Primary Reasons You Fail at Shedding Weight

If you’re having difficulty losing weight, there are many possible reasons for this. Willpower can be the problem for some people. For many people, it could come down to their choice of diet or exercise program